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Sunbound Technology was founded in 2010 in the Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania with the vision of becoming a leading supplier of high-quality electronic equipment for the LED and semi-conductor industries. We support equipment used in the design and manufacturing of products used by the Semiconductor and Compound Semiconductor Industries.
The technologies applied by the engineering staff at Sunbound Technology are the latest trends in the industry and represent the highest quality products available.  Sunbound employs a staff with over 30 years of experience in engineering, technical support and technical sales in the Compound Semiconductor and Optical Industries.
At Sunbound Technology, our vision is to become a leading distributor of the highest quality LED and semi-conductor industry products, while offering a fair and competitive price.
We are committed to understanding the needs and delivering the most appropriate and innovative solutions for each of our customers in the electronics and  semi-conductor industries.  We are dedicated to being a part of the solution toward making our customers and the world greener.

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