Sunbound Technology has partnered with companies globally to provide a full array of products for the semiconductor, microelectronics, and LED industries. Please browse our partners below and click on a specific product to learn more information.

PL Mapping System

EtaMax manufactures Photoluminescence (PL) mapping systems that are fully optimized for mass production of Epiwafers and research of semiconductor devices. These specially designed PL Mappers can be used to characterize LED epiwafers for quickly obtaining important metrics.

GaN Wafers

Lumistal Technologies is a high tech material company that manufactures state of the art Gallium Nitride (GaN) wafer substrates for electronic semiconductor devices. GaN wafers are used for both research and production of high power and high frequency devices.

Wafer Handling Tools

Fluoro Mechanic is a leading manufacturer of wafer and die handling tools for the global semiconductor industry. Their products include vacuum wands, manual tweezers, and HEPA vacuum pumps for safe handling of wafers and devices.

Filter Guns

Kitz Micro Filter Corporation offers total filtration for gas, liquid and air. UNIPORE air guns and water guns are clean room safe and can be used in semiconductor, LCD, medical, microelectronic, and water processing applications.

Custom LED Lighting

Visit our subsidiary Sunbound Lighting for custom LED linear and custom LED panel lighting products. Our products are made in the USA and designed for professional installation into cabinetry, closets, signs, cases, displays and more.

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