Gun Dryers

Kitz provides ultra-compact dehumidification dryers for a variety of flow rates and fittings. All of these products are built with an advanced Hollow Fiber Membrane, which helps greatly reduce the impurities found in air, gas and liquid. Each product has benefits for specific industries and applications. Learn more about the Hollow Fiber Membrane and each dryer series below.


High performance filter with excellent particle removal efficiency
High flow rate with low presure drop
Compact & lightweight design
Easy to use in small spaces
Long lasting service life

What Are Dry Filters?

Kitz dehumidifcation dryer filter is made for compressed air and nitrogen blowing in the clean room. It is oil free, compact, light weight, and includes a Hollow Fiber Membrane in the micro filter for complete drying and removal of impurities.

What is the Hollow Fiber Membrane?

Hollow Fiber Membranes (HFM) are a class of artificial membranes containing a semi-permeable barrier in the form of a hollow fiber. These fibers can be assembled into compact shapes and sizes, suitable for trapping impurities in air, gas and water. As a result, they are a gold standard for filtration devices. All of the Kitz filters are built with HFMs for the highest quality purification.


Dehumidification by Membrane

The high polymer HFM can remove water molecules from nitrogen and oxygen molecules. Water molecules permeate through the wall of HFM and exhaust outside the module. Nitrogen and Oxygen pass through inside of the fibers and come out as dry air. It is possible to dehumidify it continuously by returning a part of dry air´╝łpurge air).


Precision Measuring Instruments
Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment
Air Operation Equipment
Ozone Generators
Dental/Medical Equipment
Analysis Equipment


Product Code


IAD3 Series

IAD10 Series

IAD20 Series


IAD3 Series

IAD10-G-T Series

IAD10-G-3/8 Series


IAD20 Series