Leaders in High Performance Equipment

Sunbound Technology is a provider of high performance equipment in the semiconductor, microelectronics, and medical industries. We partner with manufacturers across the globe to provide a full array of products.

Shield 9

Protective Clothing

Shield 9 suits for protect against dust, blood, fluids, infectious agents, and clean room use.
Boseong Protective Clothing2

Fluoro Mechanic

Wafer Handling Tools

High quality wafer and die handling tools for the semiconductor industry


Filter Guns

Compact filter guns purify water and air for clean rooms and general use



PL Mapping System

Photoluminescence (PL) mapping and reflectivity systems for research, testing and production of epiwafers



GaN Wafers

State of the art Gallium Nitride (GaN) wafers are built for high performanceuse in projector light sources, inverters for electric vehicles, and other applications
GaN Wafer


SiC Power Devices

Next-generation power devices provide superior performance with maximum efficiency

semi power devices