SiC Devices

Yes Power Technix specializes in Silicon Carbide (SiC) semiconductor power devices. These next generation semiconductors are more compact than standard silicon devices, and provide a high-temperature, high-frequency, and high-voltage performance. This helps to significantly reduce end-product size.


Equipped with batch process technical skills to ensure stable mass production and development
Capable of implementing process technologies that have been verified through comparative verification of barriers with advanced products
Design technology can be improved through experiences of mass production and strategic overseas technology exchanges


High-efficiency inverters in DC/AC converters for solar and wind power
Power converters for electric and hybrid vehicles
Power inverters for industrial equipment and air conditioners
High voltage switches for X-ray generators
Thin film coating process


SiC Diode

The total capacitive charge of SiC diodes is small, reducing switching loss while enabling high-speed switching operation. In addition, unlike silicon-based fast recovery diodes where the trr increases with the temperature, silicon carbide devices maintain constant characteristics, resulting in better performance.


Eliminates tail current during switching, resulting in faster operation and reduced switching loss. Their low ON resistance and compact chip size ensure low capacitance and gate charge. SiC exhibits minimal ON-resistance increases and provides greater package miniaturization and energy savings than Si devices, in which the ON resistance can more than double with increased temperature