Full Automatic Reflectivity Mapping System

PLATO is a full automatic PL Mapping System used to generate maps of several parameters over full wafers by measuring optical luminescence emission from materials excited with energy above their bandgap. EtaMax mapping systems are used in production environment to provide key information on epitaxy layer crystal quality, composition and homogeneity.


High sensitive Photodetector is used in PL intensity measurement to improve Repeatability for time-to-time and machine-to-machine
Save time with same-time measurement of PL and thickeness
2inch - 8inch, up to 0.5mm step (height variation for different thickness wafer with adoption of z-stage)
Optional Bowing Mapping / Laser Marking
Capacity: 60,000pcs (2" with 2mm step)
Powerful Suspector Solution

Dual mode measurement(PL/Thickness)

Bowing Mapping(option)

PLATO export to user customized excel template form

Flexible susceptor Designer/Viewer

Z-Height Optimization function for various substrate thinkness


Wafer options for 2" to 8"
Powerful susceptor viewer
Low maintenance
Manual or automatic loading
GEM/SECS Compatible